facial treatment & skincare [dermalogica]

Dermalogica was founded by a skin therapist, so we know how to create custom skin care solutions that work – not just today, but for life. We offer professional-grade skin care education, products, and services to skin therapists and customers alike



Elle’B ProSkin 30: Indulge in personalized skincare with our nourishing and soothing 30-minute treatment. Specifically designed for damaged skin, we use premium products from Dermalogica to revitalize and restore your skin’s natural glow.

    • After Damaged Skin – ProSkin 30 Power
      30 mins | 440.000đ


    • After Damaged Skin – ProSkin 30 Intense
      30 mins | 550.000đ


    • After Damaged Skin – ProSkin 30 Ultimate
      30 mins | 660.000đ



    • Personalize Skin Treatment – Power Active
      Luxuriate in a personalized journey featuring healing, deep cleansing, and moisturizing.
      60 mins | 1.380.000đ


    • Personalize Skin Treatment – Intense Active
      Elevate your skincare with a personalized treatment including healing, deep cleansing, renewal, and moisturizing for a rejuvenated, sophisticated appearance.
      70 mins | 1.840.000đ


    • Personalize Skin Treatment – Ultimate Active
      Transform your skincare ritual into a symphony of elegance with our personalized treatment encompassing healing, deep cleansing, renewal, moisturizing, and a face-lift using Pilates techniques.
      80 mins | 2.530.000đ


    • Personalize Skin Treatment – Ultimate Active Pilate
      Crafted for those who seek the extraordinary, this enchanting treatment consists of healing, deep cleansing, renewal, moisturizing, focused therapy, and a face-lift using Pilates techniques.
      95 mins | 2.760.000đ



    • Pro Eyes Area Treatment – Pro Eye Flash Peel
      Illuminate and firm the delicate under-eye area with this treatment, designed to brighten and rejuvenate the skin beneath the eyes
      45 mins | 1.260.000đ


    • Pro Sensitive Skin Treatment – Pro Calm
      This treatment is specifically crafted for sensitive skin, sunburn, irritation, redness, and post-cosmetic intervention. Revitalize your skin barrier and experience a renewed sense of calm.
      75 mins | 1.840.000đ


    • Pro Acne Skin Treatment – Pro Clear Peel
      An advanced treatment that includes deep cleansing, oil control, and a regenerative boost to promote clearer, healthier skin.
      75 mins | 1.840.000đ


    • Pro Uneven Skin Tone Treatment – Pro Bright Peel
      This advanced peel addresses brightening, anti-aging, and fading acne scars and dark spots, revealing radiant, even-toned skin.
      75 mins | 2.300.000đ


    • Pro Neck Area Treatment – Pro Firm Neck & Skin
      Brighten, hydrate, and firm the neck area, revealing a smoother and more youthful appearance.
      75 mins | 2.600.000đ


    • ULTIMATE Peel for Skin – Pro Power Peel
      Peel up to 5 layers and fully personalize each layer for every area of your skin, ensuring a customized, transformative experience at Elle’B.
      75 mins | 2.990.000đ


*Prices are not included 8% VAT