Unwind with our head massage with the unique Japanese massage technique – Shiatsu. Using palms and elbows to apply pressure on specific points, guiding the flow of qi along energy pathways to alleviate pain and tension. We go beyond, offering personalized hair care treatment tailored to each individual’s needs. Whether your hair craves hydration, struggles with loss, or battles with dandruff, we have the solution. We select personalized hair care products from a premium Italian brand to enhance the health and beauty of your hair.

Let us soothe your mind, release tension from your head, and revitalize your hair with our boutique head massage experience.


Xoay 30 độ
  • HEADSPA-30 Nourishment Shampooing

Product in use: Davines
30 mins | 250.000 đ 190.000 đ


  • HEADSPA-60 Neck & Shoulder massage + Shampooing

Product in use: Davines
60 mins | 490.000 đ


  • HEADSPA-75 Hair growth treatment & Skincare

Product in use: Christina Biophyto & Davines
75 mins | 650.000 đ


*Prices are not included 8% VAT