Customer Spotlight: Elle’B Service Review 2

Customer Spotlight: Elle’B Service Review 2

At Elle’B, our mission has always been to provide exceptional service that leaves our customers feeling pampered, and completely satisfied. We’re thrilled to share some heartwarming feedback from our cherished clients, and we want to express our deepest gratitude for their kind words and ongoing support.

Freya Shen

This place is very new, clean and pretty.

The owner speaks good English and some Chinese, very good service.

They use very good products ( dermalogica) for facials, super professional and sophisticated for acne extractions.

Couldn’t recommend them enough!

June Homkrailas

Nice treatment and affordable price with heart service 👍🏻

Michael kim

Came for a head spa/massage, and it didnt disappoint.

Felt so good I fell asleep. Would definitely recommend.

Yap Sylvia

Very friendly staff, fast and efficient service.

Faiz Farizza

This place is very beautiful and the service is amazing. I really enjoyed my time here.


Elle’B Beaute was recommended by our hotel in District 1. It’s a new spa, opened in 2023, and absolutely lovely. Super clean, wonderful aroma and well trained staff who use quality products. Don’t let the alley way to the entrance deter you – keep going, a wonder experience awaits you! The proprietors are also lovely and welcoming (with English) and ensure your requests are understood. The services we had (facials, pedicures with callous removal) were exquisite and reasonable. Nothing was rushed and chatter was minimal, kept to a whisper. If I lived there, I would be a regular at Elle’B!

Chita Station

Good and relax , first time to use massage in Vietnam. Love service and staff

กรวิชญ์ วิจักษณ์วิชชากร

very good service.feel all.

Michael Del Pilar

Staff were very kind and spoke good English. Both me and my girlfriend got a head massage and spa treatment at 380K VND each for 1 hour. We got some water, which led to a foot bath as many other reviews have photos of.

We then proceeded to get an above body massage, shampoo and wash based on your chosen package, blow dry, and last but not least, we got dessert and a cute

little tote bag.

The dessert is an agar jelly with kinako topping in what I believe was a brown sugar sauce.

I would definitely recommend any tourist to come by and visit this lovely establishment.

Joanna Szczepanik

I got my eyelashes lamination. The treatment was on schedule. The effect after is so spectacular, just in the line with my expectations. It was such a pleasurable visit. I knew i was in a good hands, just from the very beginning.

Katie Hogan

Most beautiful, clean and professional spa. Had a head spa and also a pedicure. The head spa was so wonderfully relaxing and the pedicure was meticulous! So professional and kind staff

Jan Rubiano

Incredible hospitality and massage! Facilities were stylish and clean, plus the staff were courteous, conversant in English, and not pushy at all! 10/10 would recommend (definitely coming back here again too!)

Renee W

Awesome service and message. 

The ambiance was relaxing.

Fina Luvic

First experience doing hair spa with my husband. Very relax after having 18 days traveling around vietnam

nhung bui

Such an amazing place.

I was impressed by a super hygiene environment and cozy venue. The massager was professional, she definitely knows her job well. I had back, head and shoulder package and shampoo which were both excellent. The services reached my expectation. Highly recommend!!! Thank you!

Stephanie Harduth

Simply amazing! The owner Thao and all the staff are such a delight. The facilities are excellent and the decor is beautiful. The message was meticulous and skillfully done. Honestly one of the best massages we have ever had. We live in Saigon and will definitely be regulars here. Highly, highly recommended!!!

Clair Bai

super perfect experience! A++ would recommend ^_^

Crystal Min

Good environment and the service, especially all the staff is very polite and nice🥰 Will come again if we travel to Ho Chi Minh City!! ☺️

Nam Trần

New Concept but very professional, valued for your money, should try 😊

Hoang Diem Le

Very nice spa with excellent service. All stress released and totally refresh after 2 hours here.

Zoe Zou




Sếp nói tiếng Anh rất tốt và giao tiếp rất trôi chảy ~

Thợ làm móng rất chu đáo và có tay nghề cao, đồng thời là thợ làm móng lâu năm nhất mà tôi từng làm!

Môi trường tổng thể rất thoải mái và giá cả rất phải chăng. Khuyến nghị!


Nous avons passé en couple 1h30 dans ce centre de spa, massage du corps, manucure et massage de la tête avec lavage des cheveux. Le personnel est au petit soins. L’endroit est très propre et très agréable.

Thé, raisins secs et Moshi géant sont servis pendant le temps que vous passerez là-bas. Situé dans une toute petite ruelle perpendiculaire à la grande avenue.

Je recommande vivement ce centre.

Ils sont également très correct au niveau tarif.

Chúng tôi dành 1h30 như một cặp đôi ở trung tâm spa này, mát-xa toàn thân, làm móng tay và mát-xa đầu kèm theo gội đầu. Các nhân viên rất quan tâm. Nơi này rất sạch sẽ và rất dễ chịu.

Trà, nho khô và Moshi khổng lồ được phục vụ trong thời gian bạn ở đó. Nằm trong một con hẻm rất nhỏ vuông góc với đại lộ chính.

Tôi đánh giá cao trung tâm này.

Họ cũng rất hợp lý về giá cả.

Bùi Văn Tín

Dịch vụ quá ok.

Quản lý dễ thương muốn xỉu.

Nhân viên nhiệt tình.

Sui Baek

헤드스파 60분 받았어요

안받는다는 부모님 대만족 하셨어요.

깔끔하고 추천합니다

Tôi đã nhận được một spa đầu 60 phút.

Bố mẹ tôi dù nói sẽ không chấp nhận nhưng lại rất hài lòng.

Sạch sẽ và được đề nghị

Kim Ngan Huynh

Một bộ nail quá ư là Tết. Đẹp quá đẹp. Ưng quá quá ưng. 🥰

Sơn xịn, màu đẹp, nhặt da sạch đặc biệt là không lấy máu của khách 😂

Tiêm nail sang trọng, sạch sẽ.

Nhân viên dễ thương, chìu khách hết cỡ.

Đánh giá 5 sao cảm giác còn hết ít. 🥹

Sẽ ủng hộ nhiều và nhiều lần nữa. ❤️❤️❤️